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WebSite X5 Profesional - websites building software

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WebSite X5 Professional from Incomedia, is a professional websites building software, online stores or blogs, easy and intuitive to use. You don't need to have programming knowledge, html codes or other scripts, everything is done with the "Drag & Drop" tool.

You can customize all the elements of the website, images or texts, tables or buttons, according to your preferences. With WebsiteX5 software you can create responsive websites, so whatever device you use they will look great.
WebSiteX5 Profesional
The intuitive interface of the WebSite X5 software guides you step by step, so creating content for your website/blog should not cause you any problems. You can choose from the templates available for free, which you can customize them as you wish, you can create one from scratch, or you can buy one that you think corresponds to the theme of your site. Creating a website with WebsiteX5 involves going through five important steps that will be detailed below.
Step 1. Settings. After you have chosen a template or you have built one you must fill in the displayed fields in the "General" tab, the details of your website such as website's name, description, author, the category to which it belongs (example: fashion, electronic, automotive, etc.), the language used in the content, the favicon and the image of the site.
In the "Advanced" tab from Settings you will find the following functions:
- Blog, for creating a Blog with the program included in WebsiteX5,
- RSS Feed, to keep visitors up-to-date on everything you post on the website;
- Shopping Cart, if you want to make an online store;
- Entry Page, you can create a welcome page on the website;
- Advertising Message, for displaying an advertisement on the first page or on all pages;
- Access Management, sets the people who have access to certain pages, using the user and password;
- Data Management, create a list of Databases linked to the project;
- Privacy and Security, informing about your privacy policies as well as activate the Captcha as antispam protection;
- Statistics, SEO and Code - here you can see for example how many people access your website and which are the most frequently visited pages, through Tracking ID from Google Analytics;
- Control Panel, you can monitor and manage website information, for example statistics, website hits, comments, etc;
- Website X5 Manager, acces the Control panels on all your websites from your smartphone or tablet with the Website X5 Manager App, which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.
Step 2. Template. Here we will find the template settings you want to make according to your preferences:
- Resolution and Responsive Design, choose the resolution of the website, mark the Responsive Design option and set breakpoints according to the resolutions of the devices used (preferably to be default by the program);
- Template Structure, the parameters are set for Header, Footer or Sidebar and for the sections of the pages (background, page contents, etc), as you want them to appear;
- Template Content, "draws" the design for Header, Footer and Sidebar (if we have) with the elements we want to appear (logo, text, search box, etc.), on each of the resolutions that were previously set;
- Text, Field and Button Style, sets the type, size, color fonts for page titles / content, field and buttons styling used;
- Tooltip on Mouse Over, if we want an explanatory text to appear for the link text, we can choose how to appear it;
- E-mail Layout, here we can customize how the e-mail received will look like through the contact form that we insert in the website (for example on the contact page), add website logo, footer note, set background color, borders style, etc.
- Pop-Up Window Showbox, display photos in showbox, set parameters such as effects, transitions, style buttons, etc.
- Sticky Bar, displays the main menu in the top of page (if you activate this function), when the page scrolls down;
- Settings Export/Import, if you want to export the created template or to import a certain template;
Step 3. Map. In this section we find the website map where we can manage the pages and levels of the website, add or remove a page / level, edit pages, or group the pages in a folder, insert a separator, etc.

Step 4. Pages. select the page you want to edit, add the elements that create the page (text, images, codes, buttons, etc. After completing a page, by selecting the Responsive tab we establish in which order the elements are displayed on the page and set the breakpoints for proper viewing on mobile devices (Step 2. Resolution and Responsive Design)
Step 5. Export. After you make sure that everything is ready and looks as you wanted, you can publish the website on the web, or export the project to your PC as a backup. The following facilities are available in this section:
- Analyse and Optimize the Website, the website will be analyzed to check there are no errors and to optimize it for Search Engines. Errors, alerts and information are displayed here so you can analyze and remove them.
- Upload the Website to Internet, publish your website on the internet via an FTP connection.
- Export the Website to Disk, export the website to a folder to copy it onto a CD/DVD/USB or to change the HTML code;
- Export the Project, this option saves the Project file in a Folder. You can then make a backup copy of the project or transfer it to a different computer. Buy WebSite X5 Profesional
There are three variants of WebsiteX5 software: Website X5 GO, Website X5 EVO and Website X5 PRO:
WebSite X5 go
For beginners.
15 customizable templates
Automatic mobile version
Up to 10 pages
Drag & Drop builder
Integrated FTP
Free Support
WebSite X5 evo
All of Go's features plus
100 customizable templates
Unlimited pages
Responsive design
Shopping cart, Blog
Analytics and SEO features
Online control panel
WebSite X5 pro
All of Evo's features plus
Digital product sales
Managing discounts and coupons
Customer registration
Google AMP posts
Database integration
Advanced SEO and website analytics
Autodetect browser language and resolution
Advanced project management and backup
WebSite X5 Manager App
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