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Mirror image printing - printer settings Windows OS

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Mirror image. If you want to make iron-on transfer printing to different objects such as a T-shirt or a cup, you need to print the desired image in the mirror on a transfer paper. Most design software can create a mirror image. The setting might be called Flip horizontal, Mirror image, Reverse, or Rotate. In this article you will see how you can set your printer to do this, if you can't or don't know how to flip the image in the mirror with the help of photo editing software.

CAUTION: Iron-on transfers for inkjet printers cannot be used with LaserJet printers, or with copy machines and inkjet printers that have a heating element. These products can melt the transfer and cause damage to the hardware.
Run Command
First you have to simultaneously press the Windows + R keys to enter the RUN command where you will type control printers then click OK, to open the Devices and Printers page. The commands are valid for Windows OS.

Right-click on the printer connected to your computer and select Printer properties from the menu.
Printer Properties
Mirror Image
From the printer properties window, click the Preferences tab, then the Finishing tab, or depending on the printer, Page Layout, where you will find the Mirror Image option that must checked. Thus the printed image will be in mirror mode and will allow you to transfer it correctly on the object. Watch the video below to see step by step how to set up your printer.
Depending on the printer you have, the steps and settings may differ from case to case. This article describes the settings and steps for an HP Deskjet F300 Series printer. For other types of printers, the settings should be relatively similar.
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