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12 Hidden functions in WhatsApp that you didn't know

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Everyone knows how to use WhatsApp. What not many know is that this application has several extremely interesting features. WhatsApp allows you to do much more in a conversation with friends than you might discover at first glance. In this article we talk about them to see how you can fully enjoy all the services of this messaging application.
Hidden Whatsapp functions
1. You can format the text as you like
To get a little out of the ordinary, WhatsApp allows you to make the messages you send a little different. Texts can be edited in bold, italics or even strikethrough, as you do in Word, for example. What you need to know in order to benefit from this function is that the texts you want to send should be placed in a special format.
For bold, the text in WhatsApp must be written (* bold *), and for italics, you must place your text as follows: (_italics_). If you want your text to be cut with a line, all you have to do is write it like this: (~ strikethrough ~).

2. Make your messages disappear
Recently, WhatsApp has developed a new feature that will allow you to delete messages after 7 days from the time you sent them. All you have to do to enjoy this feature is access the Disappearing Messages option and click On.
Keep in mind, however, that all the images and videos you sent in the email will remain saved in the recipient's device, so all you can completely remove is the text.

3. Bring a message forward so you can find it later
As many users use WhatsApp both for workgroups and for communicating with loved ones, it often happens that some important information gets lost through the hundreds of messages sent along the way. If you want to save some messages so that you can find them later, all you have to do on your smartphone is tap on the important message you want to save, and then a star will appear on the screen. Click on it, and the message will be saved in Starred Messages and you will be able to reach it very quickly later.

4. See the people you have the most conversations with on WhatsApp
The application allows you not only to manage much more clearly the data that images and videos occupy on your phone, but also to see which are the contacts with whom you discussed the most and with whom you changed the largest amount of data. Go to Settings> Storage and Data> Manage Storage, and there you will see in detail how many GB are occupied by WhatsApp and where you can free up space without losing the history of your conversations.

5. See the details of the messages you send
WhatsApp gives you access to all the details related to the messages sent by you in a private or group conversation. Click on a message you sent, then on Info, and there you will see if it has reached the recipient and if it has been read by him. This way you will be able to see if the person you are talking to is still active or not or if he wants to ignore you.

6. Mute a conversation
When you are in several WhatsApp groups that are very active on a daily basis, the service can become tiring. The phone constantly vibrates from messages, and many of them may not even look at you directly. What you can do to get rid of stress, but still stay connected is to put the group on Mute. You will see what everyone else is writing, but you will no longer receive alerts.
7. Always stay hidden
If you don't want others to see when you were last active in the application, WhatsApp offers you this possibility. All you have to do is go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Last Seen, where you have three options: Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody.

8. How do you see the messages without the others knowing
If you want to be a passive participant in a discussion, without letting others know that you want to ignore them, you can do this in WhatsApp. Enter Settings, then Account and Privacy, from where you can deselect the Read Receipts option. In this way, it will appear to your contacts that you have not yet managed to read the messages they sent you.

9. Don't fill your phone with pictures and videos
WhatsApp can be an application that will put your phone's memory to the test. When you have activated the option to automatically download all the pictures and videos received in the newsgroups, no matter how big your smartphone's memory is, in a few months you will wake up in a situation where you will no longer have room for a playlist saved from Spotify. What can you do to avoid this? If you're on the iPhone, go to Settings, then Chats and deselect Save to Camera Roll. If you're on Android, go to Settings and Chats, then turn off the Media Visibility option.

10. Use WhatsApp on your computer
If WhatsApp is an application that you usually use for work, then it could be quite annoying to always switch from computer to smartphone when colleagues send you important messages, documents or information. Fortunately, WhatsApp also has a PC application, which works perfectly as long as your phone is turned on and connected to the internet. Basically, everything you receive on WhatsApp will be synchronized in real time between all your devices.

11. Choose what kind of notifications you receive
When you install WhatsApp for the first time, all the notifications you receive will be universal. You can change this to a different sound to highlight certain more important groups or people in your contact list.

12. Export a conversation
Although you are unlikely to need this feature very often, it is good to know that you always have it available. Whether you use WhatsApp on iOS or Android, you can export an important conversation from your smartphone so you can access it anytime.
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