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Download and flash Samsung XID Indonesia latest Firmware

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If you want to install the original Samsung firmware on your phone, in this article you will discover how you can do this, step by step. The reason i wanted to flash the software was the native call recording phone option, because in Europe the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies, which does not allow this. In this video i flash Firmware to Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus. The phone used to install the latest firmware version described below is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, but the process is similar for other Samsung phone models. Before starting the process, back up your all phone data!
Samsung Flash Firmware
STEP 1. Download firmware - download the full Samsung firmware for your phone model, to get all four binaries, namely BL, AP, CP, and CSC. You’ll get these files only after you extract the file. To find out the Model Number of your phone you have to go to Settings > About phone > Model number, or by typing on the phone *#1234# where the AP, CP, CSC and Model Versions will appear. What each of these files represents:

  • BL - flashes the bootloader on your Samsung smartphone or Galaxy Tab;
  • AP - is Android Processor and it is responsible for flashing the system partition on your Samsung device;
  • CP - stands for Core Processor and contains the modem.img, to install the Modem on your device;
  • CSC - Consumer Software Customization or Country Specific Code, component of a Samsung firmware specific to network providers and geographical region. Flashing the CSC binary will wipe all the apps, data, settings, and files and your device will be reset to the factory status!
  • HOME CSC - is the same as CSC, choosing this binary will only affect the software version of your phone while keeping everything intact.
Samsung Firmware Download
STEP 2. Install Odin3 flash tool to upgrade the software version. It can be downloaded from here, and you will receive a zip file, that needs to be unzipped and click to open the Odin3 .exe file without the need to install the program. After opening the Odin3 software, the four binary files that have been downloaded must be inserted very carefully, each of them in the specified location. The USERDATA field will be left blank.

STEP 3. Phone Download Mode. Before clicking on the Odin3 start button to flash the new firmware, you must boot the phone in Download mode. To do this, power off the phone and boot into download mode by simultaneously pressing Power + Bixby + Volume Down buttons for about 5 seconds for new models or Power + Home + Volume Down for old Samsung phones. Now you have to connect your phone to PC or laptop with USB cable.

STEP 4. Flash Firmware. Once the phone has been connected, Odin3 software will recognize it in the ID:COM field, where 0: [COM4] will appear. Now click START button. At the end of the firmware writing process you will see the PASS message, which means that everything went well. Once the flash is complete, your phone will reboot and you can disconnect it from PC/Laptop. Now you can check the new firmware just installed on your phone in Settings > About phone > Software information > Service provider SW ver. Native Call Recorder button is present now in Europe region. If something goes wrong, you can get Emergency Recovery Software from Samsung Smart Switch.
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