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DACIA - RENAULT - New Generation 2020

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On September 29, 2020, the launch of the third generation of the successful Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway range from the French manufacturer Renault Group will take place.

Dacia has published the first official images of the third generation Dacia Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway. With a much more modern design and the transition to the latest Renault Clio platform, the Sandero is literally a completely new car. For now, Dacia is paying attention to details, but mentions that the car now has a wider track and a lower roofline. The door handles are different and there is a new light Y-shaped signature that debuts on the Romanian brand.

With the exterior dimensions similar to those of previous generation vehicles, the new models offer, in addition to a completely new design, a note of modernity, equipment and versatility, with the same reliability as previous models. Available at an attractive price, the new Dacia or Renault models, as sold in other countries, come in response to the expectations of a growing category of customers, for whom the purchase of a car is part of a trend of rational approach to consumer options long-term. Customers especially want the experience of a better product in terms of performance and equipment, at a fair price for what they offer.
Dacia presents the third generation of Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway models
Contemporary and dynamic lines

Displaying a slightly longer length than the previous model, the New Logan stands out with its completely redesigned silhouette. The slightly descending line of the roof, with the radio antenna located at the rear of it, as well as the effect generated by the gradual narrowing of the side windows give the vehicle a dynamic appearance. A number of aesthetic elements of the New Logan are also found on the New Sandero and the New Sandero Stepway, including the bright Y-shaped signature, the narrow gap between the wheels and their passages, as well as the new design of the door handles.

An important change is that the Logan generation 3 will be built on the new CMF-B platform, on which the Nissan Micra and the latest Renault Clio variant are also based and which is much cheaper to build. The Logan 3 could have engines similar to those of the Clio: a 1.0-liter with 65-75 horsepower and a turbo variant that produces over 100 horsepower.
The New Sandero also benefits from a robust appearance highlighted by well-marked sidewalls and generously sized wheel arches. The personality of the car is completed by the profile with fluid lines, whose visual landmarks are represented by the more inclined windshield and the new shape of the pavilion, slightly bent backwards. Although the ground clearance has remained unchanged, the New Sandero seems less tall, more stable and more "seated", due to the slightly increased track gauge and well-sized wheels in relation to their passages.

Benefiting from an elevated ground clearance, Sandero Stepway is the versatile recreational model of the Dacia range. Its exterior design evokes adventure and escape in nature. Visually, the differences from the new Sandero are now much easier to notice. Along with the specific ornaments placed above the fog lamps, the new Sandero Stepway benefits from an engine hood with prominent bosses, the name of the model being visible in the form of a chrome monogram placed at the bottom of the grille.
Dacia presents the third generation of Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway models
An original luminous signature

The front and rear optical blocks of the three models inaugurate the new "Y" - shaped signature of the Dacia brand. Thanks to this, the third generation of the Logan range, Sandero and Sandero Stepway benefit from a strong identity. Both at the front and at the rear, the optical blocks are joined by a horizontal rib, which accentuates the impression of a wider width of the vehicles.
Dacia presents the third generation of Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway models
Renault officials are preparing to bring an improved version of this year's K-ZE electric crossover produced and marketed in China to the European market. At the end of October, Gilles Normand, head of Renault's electric vehicle division, said that "a special version of the K-ZE will come to Europe". At the same time, another French official, Olivier Murguet, stressed that "the model is ideal for car sharing systems". It has not yet been decided whether the European version of the K-ZE will be branded Dacia or Renault. See Dacia Bigster concept too.
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