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Dacia Bigster Concept

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Dacia Bigster. On January 2021, Dacia presented the first images with the Bigster concept, which, when it enters production, will become the first Dacia class C model, with a length of 4.6 meters. Dacia says that, in addition to the Spring electric car, three other models will enter the range by 2025, and Renault has decided to strengthen the links between the Dacia and Lada brands because they have a lot in common. Renault officials said in the presentation that the average selling price of Dacia models will increase by 30% due to the new launches: Sandero, Spring and Bigster.
Dacia Bigster
Under the name Bigster, Dacia presents the concept of a 4.6 meter long SUV model, robust, spacious and perfectly adapted for outdoor getaways. This SUV foreshadows the solution proposed by Dacia for a C-segment vehicle affordable at the price of a model in the lower segment. The Dacia Bigster concept expresses the future evolution of the brand. It is a vehicle that offers what is essential, evoking the spirit of adventure and bringing an extra "cool" touch. Bigster is proof that an affordable vehicle can be attractive. We, from Dacia, believe this and the proof is the concept presented today, says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Dacia Design Manager.
Dacia Bigster
The Bigster concept incorporates the values of simplicity, honesty and authenticity specific to the Dacia brand, which over time have generated among its customers the feeling of belonging to a special community. The proportions of the Dacia Bigster concept are both contemporary and timeless. Its simple lines, devoid of unnecessary aesthetic fireworks, inspire robustness. Not only the exterior dimensions are generous in the case of the Dacia Bigster concept. The interior is in turn very welcoming, being among the most spacious in this segment. The bright Y-shaped signature is now wider, emphasizing the rugged look of SUV models. An even more valuable aspect of the dark green color of the body.
Dacia Bigster
The Bigster concept does not incorporate design fireworks, such as chrome elements or aluminum-looking ornaments. We are dealing with an authentic SUV, the option assumed in this case being to use recycled plastic parts for all side protections. Anticipating a future representative model of the Dacia range, the Bigster Concept can be equipped with alternative and hybrid engines, thus ensuring permanent adaptation both to customer needs and to the evolution of regulations in the automotive field. The Bigster concept illustrates the spirit of Dacia - the freedom of movement that offers customers the opportunity to live unique, true and simple experiences. Dacia thus responds, more than ever, to the real needs and aspirations of its customers, combining the offer of a rational acquisition with the attractive design.
Dacia Bigster
"By creating the new Dacia-Lada business unit, Dacia will increase its efficiency and competitiveness and will expand both its presence on foreign markets and the range of models, by approaching the C segment," says the company.

What Dacia-Renault proposes:
• A disciplined design to cost approach in model development;
• A dedicated Dacia-Lada business unit, benefiting from the advantages of belonging to a global car group, especially through access to specific technologies, which will maximize synergies and the use of carry over components;
• Dacia and Lada's use of the Alliance's CMF-B platform, a competitive and very flexible platform, which will allow the number of platforms to be reduced from 4 to 1 and the diversity of bodies from 18 to 11;
• Some vehicles based on this platform will be able to be equipped with engines running on alternative or hybrid energy sources, in accordance with the evolution of regulations and meeting customer expectations;
• A competitive, extensive and modernized range. After the launch of the new Logan and Sandero as well as the Spring model - the most affordable 100% electric city car in Europe - another 3 models will join the range until 2025;
New Dacia Bigster design
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